D-Style Amplifier Project Chassis For Sale

NOTE: We haven't done a run of chassis in several years.  This page is provided for historical reasons.

A very useful guide to using the holes on a Dumble-style chassis: http://cepedals.com/images/Chassis_Holes_Guide_1v2.pdf

Chassis Features

  • Highest quality 1/8" thick aluminum construction
  • Laser-cut with 'standard' holes for a 3 tube pre-amp, 4 output-tube amplifier
  • Fully welded corner seams
  • Powder coat version: Slightly textured black powder coat finish on palm-sanded aluminum surface with a clear iridate coating for corrosion protection on the aluminum
  • Screen printed front and back panel labels in 'standard' fonts and sizes
  • Flanges masked off to make it easy to get good ground connections
  • Cutouts for IEC Power connector and MIDI-style footswitch connector
  • Mounts via #10-24 PEM nuts (already installed)

Outside Dimensions: 19" X 8" X 2.5"

Each chassis comes with 4 stainless oval-head machine screws 10-24 X 1-1/2  and nylon countersunk washers for mounting.

Dumble-style chassis perspective view

Purchasing Details

No longer available, sorry!

Additional Pictures

Chassis Front Panel view

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Chassis Lettering Detail view

Chassis Rear Panel view

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Mounting Hardware Included

Chassis Top Hole Pattern view

Here's a 100W amplifier that Brian built in our previous run of chassis (smooth powder-coat on those units):

Finished Amplifier view