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We would like to recognize our supporters/users and provide links to some of the best resource/reference material available on the Internet. The founders of Cause & Effects Pedals are firm believers and active participants in a number of community forums devoted to Guitar electronics and we look to the community for inspiration and guidance.


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Matt SchofieldDavid Henman Band Shawn Kellerman

JW Jones Bluelisted CD CoverJ S Moore Custom Hand-wound PickupsUltimate Blues Jam TracksBuffalo Bob Blues BandJordan JohnDoron Zor

Jack Zucker Sheets of Sound

Justin Guitar -- Free RedPlate Amplifiers Frettech: luthier and guitar tech services


Web Resources

Links to forums, blogs, etc.

The Gear Page Threads

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    Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things -- FET Dream by CE Pedals

Favorite Forums, etc.

One of our favorite DIY Guitar Tube Amp forums is The Amp Garage. This site focuses mainly on two of the first and foremost boutique tube amp companies in history... the Trainwreck and Dumble amplifier series. There is an incredible community of experts participating on this forum and volumes of informative posts amassed.


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