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The FET Dream sets a new standard for 'articulate' distortion with unequalled clarity and definition in a harmonically rich pedal, leading to a great feeling of openness and presence in its tone. Whether you wish to preserve your tube-amp character or introduce some warmth into your solid-state rig the FET Dream is sure to please. This pedal was conceived to be a very flexible distortion box, deserving of an anchor position on your pedal board... each control has been designed for maximum flexibility and is useable over the entire range of operation. FET Dream is equally at home in the living room or at a live gig, cutting through the mix!

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Detailed Description:

The foundation of the FET Dream tone is a tube-like FET input stage. This stage is crafted from individually selected JFET transistors and hand-tuned on every pedal to achieve a warm tube-amp like clean tone, rich in 2nd harmonics, while simultaneously avoiding any trace of tone-suck and preserving the subtleties of the guitar pickup character.

The FET Dream also features a unique and innovative pre-distortion equalization control. The Girth circuit provides a wide range of adjustment to balance the low/mids prior to distortion generation. The adjustment range can accommodate a wide variety of pickups and player's tastes to support whatever degree of 'fat' is preferred in the overall tone of the pedal. Careful management of the bass and avoiding the muddying mid-hump are a couple of the key secrets to the openness and clarity of the FET Dream.

The cornerstone of FET Dream is the distortion stage. It's unique design creates a distortion that drips with second harmonics for a rich, musical tone while retaining an openness to your sound that maintains your instrument's character and delivers clarity suitable for both lead and chord work. The wide-ranging Drive control delivers an incredible variety of usable distortion tones to satisfy even the most versatile and demanding player. No one-trick pony, with the FET Dream sweet spots abound!

The final output section of the FET Dream features an innovative Lean control to tweak the tone to suit your style, amplifier chain and venue. A full range treble control with variable filter Q, the Lean knob ensures you can find the right emphasis to cut through the mix, and the flexibility to span from tame to aggressive highs in your distortion tone.

Taken altogether, the flexible controls and tone management in the FET Dream combine to maximize sustain and presence while preserving player dynamics and emphasizing clarity and definition... Often considered contradictory goals but uniquely realized in Cause and Effect Pedals' FET Dream!


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