Welcome to Cause & Effect Pedals!

NOTICE: We haven't done a run of pedals or amplifier chassis in several years. This website is provided for historical records as there are well over 300 of each in the wild!

CE Pedals is founded on a philosophy of combining excellence in design and engineering with a boutique attention to detail.

In our quest for tone, we've bought numerous pedals only to be disappointed with the lack of innovation and mediocre sound that so many delivered. As electrical engineers and hobbyists building tube amps, we finally decided it was time to take matters into our own hands. Taking a no-compromise approach to designing an overdrive / distortion pedal resulted in our first product, the FET Dream.

We are active in tube amplifier forums, especially The Amp Garage, which feeds our obsession for the Dumble line of amplifiers. We are happy to supply Dumble-style amplifier chassis to the hobbyists and boutique amplifier builders we've met through the forum. Recently we have been working with selected artists to develop our own take on the famous 2-channel amplifiers, you can check out our early efforts at CEAmps.com

The FET Dream

FET Dream Product Information

Each FET Dream pedal features hand selected and individually tuned components which sets a higher standard in sonic excellence. Electrical and mechanical designs minimize unwanted behaviors like noise and switch pop while maximizing reliability and help to accommodate our boutique tweaked aspects of the circuitry. This approach will be applied to all future CE Pedals as we expand our product line.

We appreciate your business and hope that we can move you one step closer to finding 'your' sound. Feel free to use our contact form to comment on your CE Pedal experience. Your feedback will help us to extend and improve our line of pedals and amps.